Saturday, December 30, 2006

Am I cheap? hmmmm

I love a bargain. I love a bargain that doesn't look like it's cheap even better! This past Christmas, I vowed not to charge on my credit cards. That's right, not once. I did it. The truth is I had to be more creative in my shopping this year and watch for those sales! Where did I go?

EBay - You can get good prices there, but watch the shipping and handling fees!

Goodwill - You have too much pride to shop there? Well I managed to pick up some DVDs (Good ones too!) at $1 each. The cases were shot, but I had a few damaged DVDs with good cases, a little swapping.... You never know what you will find there....

Tiger Direct - Check those clearance items! Huge discounts!

What are your Wat's to save on gift shopping?

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