Saturday, December 30, 2006

Am I cheap? hmmmm

I love a bargain. I love a bargain that doesn't look like it's cheap even better! This past Christmas, I vowed not to charge on my credit cards. That's right, not once. I did it. The truth is I had to be more creative in my shopping this year and watch for those sales! Where did I go?

EBay - You can get good prices there, but watch the shipping and handling fees!

Goodwill - You have too much pride to shop there? Well I managed to pick up some DVDs (Good ones too!) at $1 each. The cases were shot, but I had a few damaged DVDs with good cases, a little swapping.... You never know what you will find there....

Tiger Direct - Check those clearance items! Huge discounts!

What are your Wat's to save on gift shopping?

Friday, December 29, 2006

CHECK it out!

What are your bills costing you? Think about it now....The interest, the time, the gas to get your bills to the Post Office or bank. The postage, the envelopes (if not provided). The list goes on. You want to save some pennies? Read on.....

Ditch those checks. Most utilities and credit cards will let you pay online, for free. Not only can you pay online, but you can make sure your payments are recieved too! You ssave on postage, gas, envelopes, and if you schedule automatic payments, you save time too! Just make sure the money id there to do this...

Still need some checks? DON'T go through your bank! You will get better prices through REPUTABLE 3rd party printers!

Where can you pay online? Credit cards, auto loans, cable bills, utilities... the list goes on...

How much can you save? it all depends on how you work it. For example - pay 3 bills online per month $0.49 x 3 = $1.47 month = $17.64 a year. Doesn't sound like much? This is literally money for nothing. Quite frankly, I'll take any money I can get!

Now, what to do with that money? This is where you need to be disciplined. Sure, it's $1.50 a month...But do yourself a it for emergencies, or put a little extra towards outstanding debts. Every little bit helps, and the discipline you develop will help you get out debt faster.

In the beginning...... many of us this is a source of excitement and frustration at the same time. If we don't have enough, we are depressed. If we have too much, ... Hey! who has too much money?

My story..... without going into graphic details....I am married for the moment, divorce in process. I was blind sided with this, and forced to face some tough realities. First and foremost, my life must change. No longer can I be relaxed about my money is a mess! If only i would have looked at this earlier I could have made things easier for myself now...

You are reading this for a reason. Maybe you are deep in debt. Maybe you just want to see if you can stretch your money further. Whatever reason, I hope you find this blog helpful. Please feel free to post comments and tips!